Our Story

Dogs… these amazing furry creatures are the man best friend. Unlike other animals, dogs are known to be loyal to their owners till death, and everyday we all hear the stories about dogs rescuing men’s life. The idea of making dogs an important trend in social media started with Justin Palmer who. started a Facebook page called I Love Dogs. In one year, his page grew to over a million fans, so he was inspired to do something more with his friend Marshall. Both were dog lovers who hated seeing homeless dogs so they they made a website to help shelter dogs, support veterans and hel dogs’ owners to find what they need to raise their dogs. The journey of Justin and Marshall is not ended yet, and we, at marketplacestar.com, are here to continue the story and provide you with dogs’ real stories, information, tips and products.

Meet the Team

ahmed adel

Founder & CEO He loves dogs and owns many sites that write information about general animals and especially dogs.